So You Want a Better Neighborhood

Here’s How You Can Help

Our Mission

Twin Bridge Mural repair

As part of the community’s efforts to maintain and enhance a safe and pleasant quality of life, East Falls Town Watch serves as “Eyes and Ears” for the 39th police district through patrols, community meetings and public outreach. We promote positive police and community relations, common-sense vigilance, and subscribe to the “broken windows” theory – that a neighborhood that looks cared for: lights on, sidewalks swept, weeds pulled, graffiti removed – deters crime.

Community Engagement

2021 National Night Out

We organize monthly clean-ups (3rd Saturdays each month) in various pockets of the neighborhood, inviting neighbors to work together to improve the appearance of East Falls. Each August we host National Night Out as an opportunity to meet district and city police officers, local firefighters, and municipal and state government leaders

Working With Police

39th Police District Station

Members represent the community at the monthly 39th district captain’s meeting. We also attend a monthly East Falls lieutenant’s meeting and communicate frequently with the 39th district crime prevention and community relations officers. See our calendar for the dates of these meetings.

Safety Patrols

Removing Bandit Sign

Members are trained to do periodic patrols and report abandoned or stolen cars, short-dumping, broken street lights, faded road signs to the city. We also take down illegal advertisements (bandit signs). We report suspicious activity to 9-1-1.

Graffiti Removal

In concert with the City’s Community Life Improvement Program [CLIP] we work to keep the roadways within and in and out of East Falls attractive, by painting over graffiti. Please get in touch if you want to help; graffiti crew go out around once a month.


East Falls Train Station

We have 24/7 access to a dozen cameras at the East Falls Train Station operated by SEPTA (Southeastern Transportation Authority). In coordination with the 39th District, SEPTA, police, and neighborhood local residents we monitor activity in and around the East Falls Station


Full-fledged members are duly certified via a training program by representatives from the City’s Town Watch and Integrated Services unit of the City Managing Director’s Office. Members are given a certificate and a community policing photo I.D.